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More than a simple cosmetic flaw, crooked teeth come in various forms. Often associated with malocclusions – think an over or under bite – crooked teeth can be caused by more things than you may suspect – affecting both young and old.

Today, Alkali Dental Studios are bringing us their five things that cause crooked teeth:

  1. Genetics – like many of our characteristics, such as eye colour, facial features, etc, crooked teeth are often inherited. If your child is showing signs of misalignment in their jaw, seek a dental specialist for advice on getting braces – the earlier, the better.
  2. Tongue thrusting – in proper tongue posture, the tongue is placed up against the palate. If a child’s tongue, however, has a low or forward-directed tongue, then this could lead to crooked teeth. Make sure to observe your child – do they thrust when they speak? Do they have a speech impediment?
  3. Thumb-sucking – there are many habits that form during infancy that can develop into crooked teeth. Extensive thumb and pacifier-sucking may seem harmless but can often result in crooked teeth as they grow older due to the pressure on the oral structures.
  4. Bruxism – otherwise known as teeth grinding, the condition is very common, and many aren’t even aware they do it (you might even be doing it now!). It’s easily diagnosed and treated!
  5. Slouching – you may question this at first, but excessive slouching overtime, no matter the age, can lead to crooked teeth. Slouching forward to rest your chin on your hand or a hard surface can exert gentle pressure on your oral structures. Not only does it contribute to crooked teeth, but slouching can inform back pain, jaw pain, and headaches.

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