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Dental hygiene and gum health

So it’s important to maintain optimal dental health to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. This means that you have a professional hygiene appointment removing plaque, calculus and tartar. Without doing this, your gums will start to bleed and you can get subsequent gum disease which can lead to teeth becoming loose and your breath beginning to smell. At the dental hygiene appointment, we have a few different options available for you such as our Jet wash hygiene – this is a professional hygiene appointment generally designed to be done every six months to maintain gum health for a healthy person and remove mild staining.

High-gloss polish – the high-gloss polish is designed to remove more stains so if you are primarily concerned about the stains on your teeth then a high gloss polish would be recommended as long as they are moderate stains (less than 1/3 of front of tooth covered).


Gum Health Solutions

Bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease which is an infection which can eat away at the bone around the teeth. Once lost, the bone cannot be regained and this can lead to loose teeth and bad breath.

We recommend strong and progressive early treatment to prevent worsening.


This is where we remove bacterial toxins and calcified plaque from below your gums in hard to reach places. This is used for early gum disease or review treatment.- € 95

Periodontal DISINFECT

This is where there is an existing gum infection and need to act to stabilize the loss of bone. There are 2 intensive special cleansing sessions using antibacterial gels and irrigates to thoroughly cleanse.

Antibiotic Boost

This a gel infusion of antibiotics around severely infected gums to kill the bacteria
causing gum disease in hard to reach areas.-€45

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