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Sweet Tooth or Sugar Tax: Should we have a sugar tax debated in Putney

Dentists and doctors have been seeing the harmful effects of sugar on the health of the population for many years now. Children’s teeth are ravaged by fizzy drinks, and many more children are suffering from obesity and diabetes.  But the moment it is suggested...

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I Never Knew That: Amazing Facts About our Teeth Revealed in Putney

There are many old wives tales and pearls of wisdom passed down through the generations that are not always true.  And it is the same when caring for our teeth.  Alkali Dental Studios in Putney will help untangle some of these amazing misconceptions and...

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Getting ready for your first dental appointment in Putney - image

Getting ready for your first dental appointment in Putney

Getting an appointment for simple check-ups or cosmetic dentistry (see veneers, dental implants, white fillings, and teeth whitening) has become a real nuisance these days. According to the NHS rules and regulations, you will either need to be on a waiting list or register...

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bite splint - image

Oops… I Bite it Again!

What is a bite splint? A bite splint is a plastic device that is fitted to the teeth to reduce, or even prevent, the pain associated with bruxism or clenching the teeth. It may also be called a mouth splint, mouth guard or Mandibular...

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Picking the perfect toothbrush - image

Picking the perfect toothbrush

Oscillating tufts, angled heads and handles that have the ability to change colour; you name it, toothbrushes are available in all shapes, sizes and colours each promising to be better than all the others on the market.  But there is no amount of research...

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