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Getting ready for your first dental appointment in Putney - image

Getting ready for your first dental appointment in Putney

Getting an appointment for simple check-ups or cosmetic dentistry (see veneers, dental implants, white fillings, and teeth whitening) has become a real nuisance these days. According to the NHS rules and regulations, you will either need to be on a waiting list or register before you have a dental appointment arranged. This could seem like forever before you actually step foot in a dental practice to have your dental needs met, especially in cases of an emergency, when your dental problem requires immediate attendance, before it gets worse.

Luckily, as opposed to NHS, Alkali Dental Studios, in Putney, has made things so much easier for you. No time-consuming procedures and no waiting lists to keep you apart from oral health and a great smile. Through a very straightforward line, you can book an appointment either by phone 020 8788 8588, online (click HERE) or by email on hello@alkaliaesthetics.co.uk.

Dental Examination Prices

All dental examination prices for new patients start from £30, which are definitely money worth spent, given you get a complete dental check-up including:

  • Gum health screening
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Jaw and bite evaluation
  • Digital photographs
  • Treatment plan in written
  • Discussion for any cosmetic option(s)

Note: Every X-ray taken is at an extra charge, and you pay an additional £10 per X-ray. However, we usually don’t require more than 2 small X-rays, so the total cost will normally not be over £50.

Being able to detect a problem at its birth is extremely significant and can help save you from numerous complications that could put your oral and even your overall life at risk. What is even more, leaving a problem untreated while still at an early stage will most likely mean you will need to deal with more complicated (and costly) treatments further down the line. So, why not dedicate 30 minutes, which is the overall time of your dental appointment at Alkali Dental Studios, Putney and be certain you have taken good care of yourself?

What Do I Need To Do If I Have Private Insurance?

In case you have a private insurance, it should be best to contact your insurance company and clarify which dental services are fully refunded. Also, check on them as per the necessary documents you will need to bring, so you get everything covered.

NOTE: Once you are through with your insurance-clarifications, please come 5 minutes before your appointment, so we can fill in the New Patient Form and your medical records.

Dental Alkali Studios Welcomes a New Era in Dentistry!

At Alkali Dental Studios, we feel where you come from because we know how intimidating visits to traditional dentist clinics can be. This is what has fuelled all of us to create a dental practice with just the right ambience; a practice you can actually relax and feel comfortable in, during your visit.  Therefore, after a lot of time and huge amounts of effort on behalf of everyone involved, we have managed to build an extremely innovative clinic, where you can find cutting-edge technologies that make your visits not only easy, but also as quick as humanly possible, too.

We welcome you to our modern practice, specially designed to meet your dental needs, in the most laid-back environments and with experts of their kind ready to help you pull every dental problem through the best possible way!

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