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Simple Facts About Your Dental Check up in Putney

We all know the importance of dental health. It is not just a matter of keeping your teeth brushed and flossed but requires regular check-ups with your dentist. We need to know our teeth are healthy, our gums are healthy, we do not suffer from halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, and we are not at risk of oral cancers. Don’t wait until you have a painful toothache or require a cosmetic treatment before you visit your dentist but make an appointment with Alkali in Putney who can diagnose a problem you can’t possibly detect by yourself or reassure you your teeth are as healthy as you think.

At a check-up your teeth are given a full examination, one by one, to check the condition of the enamel and to detect any decay.  Your gums are checked to see if you have gum disease which will need halting in its tracks.  The dentist checks for obvious signs of oral cancers and you are given a breath test.  Excellent; not only can your dentist help you avoid decay but can help you avoid the humiliating social faux-pas of bad breath.

A routine examination can help avoid foreseeable problems such as tooth decay and cavities.  Early detection will help you to prevent future issues by treating any problems early before they have a chance to do any serious damage in the future.  The dentist will also take the time to discuss your teeth, future care or any cosmetic procedures you might be considering to improve your smile. If your teeth and mouth are healthy, you will be in and out of the dentist’s office in no time at all.  Prevention is better than cure.

If the dentist detects a potential problem, you might need further investigation with the use of a camera, x-rays and other models to assist with the diagnosis.  X-rays can be taken during your check-up.  Allowing for two x-rays to be made, your routine dental examination will cost no more than £50.  By taking the time to attend regular dental exams and caring for your teeth on a daily basis, you will help avoid potentially costly treatment in the future.  A timely effort will prevent more work later and is worthwhile.  All it takes is twice a year you check in for a check-up.

Your teeth and a lovely smile are one of your most valuable assets and need caring for.  Make an appointment for your exam today with Alkali in Putney HERE.

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