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Why do you go to the dentist? Did the dental practice drop you a reminder email for your routine check-up? Are you worried your teeth are looking a little more yellow than usual? But more often than not, a toothache is rarely a reason people book an appointment with their dentist, even if it’s one of the top reasons to go.

Today, Alkali Dental Studios are bringing us their five top reasons you should never ignore a toothache:

  1. It only gets worse – a casual twinge in the gums or increased sensitivity is something we tend to feel will go on its own overtime. The likely cause of the toothache is decay, and when a tooth begins to decay, it leads to cavities. And if they’re not treated, tooth loss is quickly the outcome. So, don’t brush it off, go get that ache checked.
  2. It could be damaged fillings – When left unchecked, these can wear down your teeth and create a gap between the tooth and the filling – which is prone to bacteria. If left untreated, this can lead to an infection which affects the nerves and the blood supply for the tooth.
  3. Cracked tooth syndrome – this occurs when a tooth (most often on molars) cracks under the gum, making it easy to miss. If the crack is left untreated, a piece of the tooth may break off, which increases the chance of infection in the gum around the fractured tooth.
  4. You haven’t visited the dentist every six months – maybe you should get your eyes seen to while you’re at it, as you clearly can’t see a toothache as a sign of poor dental health. The dental hygienist will give your teeth and gums a good cleaning and alert you to any problems.
  5. It could be a dental injury – though a chip, crack, or breaking a tooth seems obvious, it is possible to fracture a tooth without any visible evidence. A dentist can use an intraoral camera to spy any breakages in the teeth that could be the cause of the toothache.

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