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Life After Braces: Essential Retainers After Braces in Putney

For all of you who have successfully endured orthodontic treatment and worn braces for anything from six months to two years to straighten your teeth, the relief of finally having your braces removed and seeing your new smile light up your face is tremendous.  No doubt you celebrated with a new lipstick or champagne and a selfie to send out to all your friends.  However, if you want to keep your teeth from moving back to their original position, you must wear retainers.  Alkali in Putney will take care of your new smile ensuring your teeth stay where they should be by fitting a retainer and keeping a helpful check on your teeth.

A retainer is a customised device fitted after the dental braces are finally removed, after dental surgery or any other teeth aligning process is completed.  Orthodontic retainers provide strong support,  allowing the gums to adjust gradually to the new bone structure, and help the teeth remain perfectly aligned, at the same time. Made of plastic or wire, retainers allow the gums to adjust slowly to the new bone structure and keep the teeth perfectly aligned, at the same time.

Retainers are essential.  Many patients who wore braces in their teens choose to undergo orthodontic treatment for a second time as, without a fixed retainer, their straightened teeth have, over time, become crooked again.  When you undergo an orthodontic treatment, the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth require some time to adjust to the new position they are moved into, by your treatment. This time span is crucial and must be used intelligently, to maximize the effect of having worn braces to straighten your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. Until the process is complete, wearing retainers will prevent disaster and provide the solution while your teeth stabilise.

Depending on a patient’s needs, the time they are required to wear a retainer varies.  Metal wire retainers, fitted to the reverse side of your teeth immediately on removal of your braces are permanent.  Fear not; you soon get used to the retainers and, as in most cases, forget you are even wearing them.  Alternatively, a removable retainer, made of plastic is worn continuously for the first few months, followed by wearing the retainers only at night. In the course of time, once your teeth are fixed in their new position, you will only need to wear the retainers occasionally to ensure your new smile is permanent.

Your dentist will determine which type best suits your needs and help you make the correct choice to avoid any relapse or complications.

At Alkali Dental Studios in Putney, we work closely with our patients and provide a full package of fixed and removable retainers to help achieve the long-lasting effect of perfectly aligned teeth. Contact the team here today to see how retainers can help you.

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