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Scare-Free Modern Dental Studios

For some, a trip to the dentist, from day one, can be a breeze but for others there are lingering doubts and fears that can travel with a person from childhood into their adult years and beyond. It’s an unpleasant burden to carry but the reality is that regular dental visits are crucial in maintaining or improving the health of your teeth and gums. Experts maintain that, for optimal dental health, patients should be going regularly and at least every six months. For nervous patients this could be the definition of a nightmare but thankfully a trip to the modern-day dentist is now virtually scare-free. With a combination of friendly staff, expert dental care and ambient surroundings dental practices are now no-longer places to be feared and Alkali Dental Studios is the latest example of this success.

It is only natural for certain stigmas to still exist or linger at the back of the mind. However, Alkali Dental Studios, a modern practise based in Putney in south-west London, combine cutting edge technology, innovative clinical methods and more to form the basis of what now are quick and easy visits to the dentist. The days of scare-tactics, nervous fears and painful operations are now long gone and much of this is due to the relaxing environment and attentive staff.

If this is not enough to keep relaxed there is an option for you: the use of safe, professional and comfortable sedation techniques. This sedation comes in two different forms; oral sedation and intravenous sedation.

Oral sedation, a free service and also the most commonly used, usually comes in the form of anti-anxiety pills which relieve stress and fear in the hours immediately prior to any procedure. Patients are welcome to arrive 1h prior to their scheduled dental appointment and relax in the studio. During this time an attentive nurse will provide the sedation pills needed. After consumption patients are welcome to a variety of pastimes, including reading, television and music, before their procedure which takes place in a private room. At Alkali care doesn’t stop once dental work has finished and staff will help patients organise, via the help of friends of family, a safe trip home.

This type of sedation is commonly asked by nervous patients for long appointments or tooth extractions.

The latter option, intravenous sedation, also known as IV sedation, costs £250 and slowly administers anti-anxiety drugs into your blood system via what is described by many as feeling like a ‘tiny pinch’ on the back of the hand. This process, which begins working after only a few seconds, allows the body to lie in a state of deep relaxation and although you will remain conscious throughout any procedure you will feel no pain or discomfort and remember almost none of it hours later as the drugs wear off. The drugs, which induce a dopey-woozy feeling, take no-more than a few hours to disappear but again staff will ensure you have the correct arrangements in place before and after any procedure.

This type of sedation is commonly asked by nervous patients for surgical extractions.

Walking through a modern-day dental practise like Alkali Dental Studios would put even the most nervous patients at ease. Quick and easy appointments, at a studio only twenty minutes from Waterloo Station London, are now more appealing than ever. With their friendly and professional atmosphere, expert sedation techniques and modern technology it’s hard to find a reason to be scared anymore. If you want to learn more about sedation please contact one of our friendly team member on 020 8788 8588.


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