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The Solution to 5 Common Dental Problems

We see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night and people are justifiably concerned about potential dental problems because our teeth have a crucial role in our lives. There are numerous types of dental problems out there, from poor appearance to terrible aches, and an awareness of how to help better protect your teeth is one everyone out there should have. Alkali Dental Studios, based in Putney London, understand this need for a greater awareness and have provided some helpful hints on how to aid five common dental problems.

1. Bad Breath

The first of these common problems is bad breath. What at first can seem trivial and unimportant can eventually become an embarrassing and unwelcome guest in both your personal and professional lifestyles and bad breath can have many causes. Dental experts have discovered that 85% of chronic bad breath sufferers also have a persistent dental problem meaning the two are intrinsically linked. Various possible causes include gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth and tongue bacteria meaning using mouthwash will be an ineffectual and poor short-term solution.

Besides regular dental check-ups every six months you should brush your teeth and tongue twice daily, floss once every day, avoid strong smelling foods and drinks such as garlic and coffee and avoid smoking. You might also consider chewing Parsley, a natural breath freshener, after meals and occasionally mixing water and hydrogen peroxide equally as an alternative mouthwash which actively kills bacteria.

2. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another serious dental issue affecting large sections of the population. Experts have noted that between 60-90% of school children and almost 100% of adults have dental cavities which often create further problems including pain, discomfort and image issues. These cavities occur when plague combines with sugars and starches in our food to create an acid which actively attacks and breaks down our tooth enamel. This can prove extremely serious if left unchecked and only a combination of regular dentist check-ups, healthy food consumption, rinsing your mouth with fluoride and the avoidance of sugary drinks and snacks will help you avoid potential problems.

3. Gum Disease

Another major dental problem, especially in approximately 15-20% of our middle aged population, is severe periodontal disease which is more commonly known as gum disease. This disease comes in two major stages, known as Gingivitis and Periodontitis, and can lead to the perviously mentioned bad breath or unfortunately tooth loss. Gum disease is considered one of the main causes for tooth loss amongst adults and in order to help prevent it you must brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis whilst also attending regular check-ups at your dentist. If you already suffer from the disease your dentist will recommend a gum protection treatment or advise you to undertake a periodontal disinfect.

4. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity, whilst possibly less damaging than gum disease, can be extremely painful for the millions who live with the condition. This discomfort is the result of damaged teeth coming into contact with extremely hot and cold food and drink. Dentine, the softer part of a tooth, lies below tough enamel and when exposed to hot or cold extremes results in painful shocks to the tooth nerve. Maintaining good oral hygiene standards, using a special toothpaste designed to treat sensitive teeth, using a soft toothbrush and avoiding acidic food and drink will all help to avoid or treat tooth sensitivity problems. It is also advisable that, if you grind or clinch your teeth at night, you contact your dentist to be fitted for a mouth guard.

5. Crooked Teeth

The fact that we see our teeth, along with everyone else, on a daily basis means our last dental problem, crooked teeth, proves particularly upsetting for many sufferers. An unattractive smile can lead to confidence issues and a lower self-esteem but modern developments in technology mean that this problem can generally become a thing of the past for unhappy patients. The use of teeth whitening products, dental implants, orthodontics and the various other facets of cosmetic dental work mean that perfect smiles are now a possibility rather than a dream.

These five common dental problems affect large percentages of the general population but an improvement in oral hygiene standards and a greater dialogue with dentists, via routine check-ups and hygiene, can ensure many improvements in your dental standard of life.

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