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Protecting your weakened tooth from breaking

If you have a broken or weak tooth then the tooth is vulnerable to breaking, so in order to prevent this happening you would want to protect the tooth. protecting the recommended either something called an onlay or a crown.

An onlay protects the teeth whilst preserving the most tooth structure.

A crown protects the tooth by completely covering the tooth.

Protect Weakened teeth

When a tooth has cracks or large fillings it is
vulnerable to splitting in half which could lead to tooth loss.
protect your teeth with crowns & onlays.

Aesthetic Enamel Crown – this is a metal free crown
layered with bespoke enamel porcelain, ideal for those
looking to replace crowns on front teeth. Designed to be
indistinguishable from your natural tooth. – from € 950

Mental Free All Ceramic Crown – this is ideal for
those looking to protect tooth & have the most
natural appearance . – from € 750

Ceramic & Precious mental Crown – this is ideal for
those looking for tooth colored protection. – from € 650

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