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How to treat a decayed tooth

Tooth decay can cause a lot of damage to your teeth without you feeling anything. This is because the outer surface of the tooth has no nerve structure. Once the decay gets deeper into the tooth that is when you start getting sensitivity and pain. If it is left longer, you can develop toothache and this could lead to an infection and the tooth could ultimately be lost if nothing is done.

You can check the tooth for decay by using dental x-rays, dental x-rays allow us to see between the teeth so that we can visualize the surfaces between the teeth. Once decay has been identified, it can be treated either by re-hardening the tooth with fluoride trays or actually cleaning away the decay and using a white filling material to seal and protect the tooth.

In cases of very early decay, a preventive resin restoration is recommended to seal the part of the tooth that is vulnerable to decay.

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