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I have toothache

If you have toothache it can be one of two things, it can be pain from the nerve of the tooth or it can be pain from the the gum around the tooth.

If the pain came from the nerve of the tooth, this would classically be a throbbing pain that comes by itself. Generally, hot drinks would make it worse and if you got an infection under the tooth then biting on the tooth would be  painful as well.

If the pain is throbbing by itself then you will likely need something called root canal treatment this is where the inside of the tooth is washed and cleaned and you keep your teeth so that there would be no more pain from it.

If the pain is a short sharp pain which comes from cold items then you have something called dentine hyper sensitivity. This can be very painful but does not necessarily mean this is a severe problem. It can be fixed by protecting the exposed dentine or by using fluoride trays.

Good general advice if you have pain from the nerve of the tooth then oil of cloves or headache tablets can help soothe the pain.

If you need advice or treatment we recommend an emergency dental appointment (£30) this will cover the assessment, diagnosis and prescription. Any additional treatment to eliminate pain and begin the resolution of the problem will be discussed with you.

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