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Dental Implants Replace your missing teeth with Dental Implants in Putney

Replace your missing teeth with Dental Implants in Putney

Some of us are missing teeth.  This could be as a result of an injury or an accident, or sadly gum disease and decay.  Whatever the reason, the unsightly gap may lead you to think the only solution to replace your teeth is a removable denture. There is another answer, another way and Alkali in Putney  have the solution.  Dental implants provide an excellent result and with this explanation, you will see why.

What are dental implants?

There are many types of dental implants, but the most popular one that is frequently preferred by dentists and their patients is root form implants. A root form implant consists of a tiny titanium pole which is surgically placed in the empty socket of the missing tooth, directly into the jawbone. Under anesthetic, this is a painless procedure.  In effect, the titanium implant looks like a tiny screw and replaces the root of your missing tooth. It is strong enough to support a crown, a bridge and even partial dentures.  With implants, you can replace just one or many missing teeth.

Why is a dental implant the preferred option?

Dental implants have many advantages in comparison to dentures and bridges. For example, as an implant replaces the actual root of the missing tooth and is fixed permanently in the jawbone, it does not come loose and does not need to be removed to be cleaned, unlike removable dentures, and is stronger.  A bridge covers a missing tooth by putting a crown on either side of the gap, creating a connection. However, with nothing supporting the middle section of the bridge, it is more susceptible to breakages and is inclined to snap when a person bites or chews, especially on hard foods. Not only that, in the areas where there are missing teeth, implants do not leave the jawbone exposed making it much safer.  Exposed jawbones as susceptible to gum disease and infections which can be very unpleasant.  Furthermore, the additional benefits of choosing implants in preference to a bridge or denture are they last for many more years and are much easier to keep clean which is essential to good oral health.

Who is a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Generally speaking, patients with good oral hygiene and all-round good health are suitable candidates for dental implants. However, there are a few patients whose diseases and conditions affect their chances. Medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, limit the recovery stage of the gums, due to poor blood circulation, and cause implants to fail. Certain prescription medications and habits can cause detrimental effects to implants, reducing the chance of success. To find out if you are a suitable candidate, book an implant consultation with Alkali in Putney here.

There are several more factors that can decrease the success of implants, such as smoking and drinking as this can adversely affect the recovery stage. Once the titanium root has been implanted, the bone surrounding the titanium screw has to heal, regenerate and fuse with the implant to give it strength and to be certain it will stay in position permanently. Alcohol and nicotine reek havoc on our ability to heal and rebuild.

New Teeth

Once the dental implants, the titanium roots, have been inserted, and the patient has fully recovered, the new crown, bridge or partial denture can be made and fitted.  From an impression of your remaining teeth, our laboratory create your new tooth, or teeth, using cad-cam technology.  A computer generates a 3D image and the framework of your new tooth which is then made of ceramic or resin by our skilled technicians to replicate natural teeth in both colour, size, shape and function.  The new tooth is fixed to your implant where it remains for many years to come, provided you look after your dental health, brushing and caring for your implant as you would natural teeth. A partial denture, to restore many missing teeth, has attachments that snap or clip it into place on the implants, giving added strength and security when replacing teeth.

Do you have missing teeth? Are you looking to replace your teeth? Please post a comment below we would love to hear your personal experience.

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