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How Do Lingual Braces Work in Putney?

At the Alkali Dental Studio in Putney we undertake a number of cosmetic procedures. One of the most popular is the Lingual brace that allows adults to have their teeth straightened or corrected without the worry of unsightly metal that characterises many other devices. Easy to fit and maintain, these braces are almost invisible to the eye because they are fitted behind the teeth with thin wires.

What exactly are Lingual braces?

Also known as invisible braces, these are personally customised braces that are more aesthetically pleasing than others available. Because they are difficult for people to see, Lingual braces are the perfect choice for adults of all ages who want straighter teeth and a more uniform smile but want to avoid the unsightly track marks of traditional models. They sit behind the teeth and so therefore don’t interfere with your smile as they straighten your teeth. Lingual braces are permanent, which means they stay in your mouth 24/7.  

How do Lingual braces work?

When you visit a clinic like the Alkali Dental Studio in Putney they will assess whether you are suitable for Lingual braces. This is important because it is not the ideal solution for all problems. For instance, it is not suitable if you have a problem such as overcrowding. There are other things that your dentist will advise you about at this time – they can often change the way you speak and cause a small impediment, which is not ideal if you spend a lot of time talking or work, for instance, in the media.

The key to the right fitting for your Lingual braces at the Alkali Dental Studio is how we make custom designs for your teeth using the latest computer technology. First of all we take a mould of your teeth which is then sent to the lab. There they produce a cast of your teeth and use state of the art software to construct the brace bracket fittings for each individual tooth.

Once the braces have been made they are returned to the Alkali Dental Studio and at your next appointment are bonded to the back of your teeth. Because they are custom made the time it takes you to adapt to the braces is a lot quicker than with other devices which can cause problems in the initial stages of treatment.

How often do I see my dentist once I begin my treatment?

With lingual braces, we see you every four to eight weeks.

The benefit of Lingual braces for adults

As we have said the problem with braces is normally that they are visible and an embarrassment. For many adults who have had to live with crooked and misaligned teeth for a long time, this new way of straightening has literally been a godsend. It’s not just older people that benefit, younger people who might have been horrified to have a mouth full of metal brace can now opt for Lingual ones that can’t be seen.

Will my teeth shift again?

No. Regardless of what kind of braces you have, you will have retainers for the rest of your life in order to keep them straight. Without retainers, your teeth will simply move back. We provide a fixed and removable retainers.

At the Alkali Dental Studio our aim is to find the right solution that matches your needs. You’ll get a full, initial assessment when you come to see us and we’ll talk you through all the stages as well as the benefits over traditional braces. Why not book an appointment today and start your journey to a straighter smile?

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