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Here’s your answer to fighting tooth decay in Putney

Oral health is crucial when fighting the battle against tooth decay.  You probably know sugar, especially in fizzy drinks, wreaks havoc on teeth, eating away at the enamel until you have a cavity and need a filling or, worst of all, the tooth is destroyed and has to be extracted. You may know to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a quality fluoride toothpaste and to floss regularly helps prevent plaque developing on your teeth and the risk of cavities. But what you might not know is that your teeth are pitted and despite all your good intentions, are at risk.  Alkali in Putney will help you save you from decay by protecting your teeth with a sealant.

Due to their anatomy, some teeth are at greater risk of decay than others.  Your molars, your back teeth, can develop deep pits and narrow fissures on the chewing surface which are resilient to the most conscientious of us, and the bristles of our toothbrushes.  No matter how often or how effectively we brush, the bristles cannot reach deep enough into these pits to keep them clean. Ultimately, the tooth will develop a cavity through no fault of our oral hygiene routine and diligence. Don’t despair. There is a simple remedy to help avoid those black holes and fillings we dread.

The solution to rendering the pitted molars less prone to decay is to have them sealed.  Sealants act as a protective shield and fill the pits of the tooth which will form a barrier and prevent bacteria from entering the pit in the first place. This procedure makes it easier to clean the molars while reducing the risk of tooth decay.  We say reducing the risk because you still need to brush regularly, keep your teeth clean, avoid fizzy drinks and eat a healthy diet to fight tooth decay.

The clear sealant is applied to the surface of a sound and healthy tooth and hardened with a UV light.  The sealed teeth will still need to be examined at your regular check-ups and sealed again when necessary as it would be ill-advised to imagine sealants make out teeth totally impervious to decay, but they do help fight the battle. Consider sealants a great insurance rather than a replacement for a good oral health routine and regular visits to the hygienist.

Sealants can last for many years, helping to keep your teeth healthy but this depends on the individual and their physiological make-up and not necessarily on the sealant.  Sealants will last longer in some patients than in others due to the makeup of their saliva.

If you would like to discuss your need for sealants, make an appointment with Alkali in Putney HERE

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