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Is Straight Teeth Whitening Dangerous in London? - Image

Is teeth-whitening dangerous in London?

Many of our patients, here at Alkali Dental Studios in Putney, asked us this question, before opting for teeth whitening, as they didn’t know what it feels like to get your teeth whitened. Truth is many people that want to have whiter teeth falsely believe that it is a painful procedure with potential damage to the teeth. This could not be further from the truth. Well, let us put it another way: if the teeth-whitening process is done with professional teeth whitening, supplied by dentists or approved dentists, there is nothing to worry about. Why? Because the dentist can check it for you and prescribe it in a way that works. Sometimes, people use teeth whitening with unsafe concentrations and even though they may achieve their goal, their dental health is put at risk and they feel pain, at the same time. The sad thing is that they don’t even know they are using a hazardous material. So, if you are buying gel from the Internet or someplace you don’t know well, it is highly likely you are provided the wrong material or a concoction with too high a concentration. For example, they may say “peroxide free”. Be aware as you may actually be offered an extremely dangerous product. You should know that in most situations, they are supplying items that are not even licensed or approved for dental and health use. What is the point in experimenting like that and putting your dental health at risk, when you can have items from an approved person?

What to Mind when Whitening Your Teeth

Something commonly seen is people whitening their teeth at home, which would not have been an issue, if they have been using the right product.
Unfortunately, in most instances, they are not. What the wrong teeth whitening product can do is literally dissolve away a lot of your enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth with a protective role. If dissolved away, the tooth becomes very vulnerable. For example, it gets too see-through, it chips, it is brittle and it wears down. Definitely not a sight for sore eyes.

How Professional Whitening Works

Many people choose the DIY teeth whitening. At Alkali Dental Studios, we offer a tooth whitening home-kit that best suits our patient’s needs for maximum results. With a home-kit, you can expect results to be noticeable after a couple of days and you will need to wear a whitening tray over your teeth for a specified amount of time. But, in order to be completely satisfied with the result, our dentists will advise you as per the right treatment for you. Not all bleaching treatment and hydrogen peroxide-based products are effective on all kinds of stains.
In-house treatments, on the other hand, often combine hydrogen peroxide gel with a high-intensity light beam, to allow the chemical to react on your teeth more effectively. It is a process that does not take more than an hour and gives you a quick pearl white smile. However, it is a treatment that, usually, produces short-term results that will most likely disappoint you.
At Alkali Dental Studios, you will find a variety of high-end whitening systems that guarantee superb results. Like already mentioned, with correct supervision, teeth whitening can be a pleasant and completely safe experience!

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