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"… Ultimately, my experience with Alkali left me feeling much more confident about going to the dentist. Couldn\’t be more pleased with the service I received. I would most certainly recommend this clinic to all of my friends."
- Charlotte H.,
"The refreshing approach to dentistry that this place offers is really something special. I really enjoyed the calming vibe that this clinic has opposed to any other dentist I\’ve been before. Another thing that sets Aalok apart from the competition is the fact that he would much rather start with a minimum treatment whilst promoting a more preventative approach rather than jumping into complicated expensive procedures that might not even be required in your case! …"
- Charlotte H.,
"I am scared of the dentist normally, but this place was so relaxing and fun! They had huge widescreen TVs in the ceilings & walls and I was watching dolphins swimming while being treated. The whole experience was painless & I received free vouchers for a nutritionist appointment & skin treatment – Bonus!"
- Wendy S.,
"I went for a dental consultation and I was extremely impressed with the team approach and how knowledgeable and friendly they all were. Our discussion was in a special consultation room with technology I\’ve never seen before and the treatment room I had a tour of looked space age and comfortable! I really like this place!"
- Megan F.,
"I came in for a dental check up and everything was a breeze. Really really nice service. All my problems were broken down and explained clearly and I got different options for what treatments I wanted ( according to my finance). Got some discount on microdermabrasion too! Recommended"
- Yemi S.,
"I have been looking for a good cosmetic dentist and researching several on the internet. I went to Alkali for a free consultation to learn more. I was very impressed with their use of photography to show me in detail my mouth & smile. They were unhurried & professional and I really liked how they advised me in my interests. I have started treatment now with them and I highly recommend them."
- Alex J.,
"Alkali has changed the way I feel about going to the Dentist! – from being something I used to dread, to being an amazing pleasure! The staff are lovely, and uber professional. They are completely focussed on doing the job to perfection and I can\’t say how happy I am that I found them when I did. I\’m about to start a set of complementary facial treatments which is great and I feel like I\’ve got brilliant value for the money I\’ve spent. I have recommended Alkali to all my friends and family."
- Salma B.,
"I found out about Alkali after a complimentary consultation flyer came through my door. The whole \”Alkali\” experience is fantastic – professional, attention to detail and totally relaxing. I was very impressed with their approach to dentistry and facial aesthetics. DEFINITELY worth a visit… you wont regret it!!"
- Tara B.,
"Combining dentistry with facial treatments is such a great idea! The team is very friendly and professional, place looks amazing and I felt relaxed even during my dental consultation, which usually makes me nervous. I can improve my look and my health and feel comfortable during all the treatments. They will see me a lot!"
- Barbara M.,
"Like others, I\’ll do anything to avoid the dentists but Alkali are working hard to dispel that preconception. I just had an in depth consultation with the friendliest dentist I\’ve ever met. Unlike the NHS dentist I\’ve normally been to, he very much concentrated on ways to prevent future damage and treatment rather than looking at problems after they\’ve happened. I\’m going back on Friday"
- Rachael W.,
"I am terrified of dentists and luckily up to a few months ago never had any real trouble with my teeth. I started getting pain, alot of pain and it turned out to be an abcess which would require a root canal and a crown…… Oh my goodness ! The pain and the cost were frightening. I visited four dentists in three days. I went to Alkali on a recommendation of a friend. As soon as I met Aalok I knew I was in the right place. He immediately accessed the problem, took into account my preferences fo"
- Deirdre G.,
"Great place, brilliant atmosphere and lovely attentive staff. I had a teeth cleaning session which left me with a new bright smile.I felt really relaxed and comfortable during the session, the whole experience and the aftercare service was beyond my expectations. I can highly recommend, once you have been there you will not want to go anywhere else, beware it could become addictive!"
- Helen D.,
"I procrastinated going to the dentist after a rather bad experience prior. When attending my appointments at Alkali for Wisdom teeth removal and overall clean, and whitening, my fears were removed (and my wisdom teeth). Alkali was the answer to me feeling better about myself and relieved I no longer had a fear of the dentist, some TLC in facials and microderm abrasion and follow up calls – I\’ve never been treated so well by my dentist in my life. Thanks Alkali"
- Moira W.,
"After many years of being terrified about dentistry, I\’ve finally got over my fears, searched through the internet looking for a dentist, and found Alkali. I sent them an email and the very next day I had my first consultation. I instantly thought I had found the right dentist for me and I was right. I think Dr Aalok is not only good at being a dentist, but he really likes it, and wants to make you as comfortable as possible. The whole experience was superb. I love my smile now."
- Ali P. - Battersea.,
"I have recently completed my brace treatment at Alkali. I am so happy with the results but the point that amazed me even more was the length of time the process took, my smile was totally transformed within 6 months, I never actually believed this transformation would of been possible in such little time. The whole experience has been great at Alkali, professional yet friendly, I will definitely continue to use Alkali in the future. My best friend starts her brace treatment on Saturday, so that"
- Carly Oconnor - Carshalton,
"At Alkali I had fixed braces and hygiene appointments. My treatment was predicted t last for 14 months, but I had the braces of after 8 months and the result is spectacular. Great staff and dentist. I would deffinitelly recommend it to everyone. It just changed my oppinion about going to the dentist!"
- Larisa L - Ilford,