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How Do You Close The Gap In Your Front Teeth? - image

How Do You Close The Gap In Your Front Teeth?

In days gone by having a gap in your teeth was a sign of good luck and possible future wealth and for some it still holds that certain charm. But for others, having a space there can be a real problem, particularly if that gap is quite large. It can make you self-conscious when you smile and over time cause your teeth to become more poorly aligned. This can lead to further problems with biting, damage to your teeth and even cause pain.

In adults, gaps between teeth are called diastemas. They can often occur if your jaw is too large for your teeth and, though they can appear anywhere, are usually more noticeable in the two upper front teeth. If you have a gap between your teeth then it is always a good idea to have them looked at by a qualified dentist, just to make sure that your bite is not being affected and if you are likely to have problems in the future.

It might be just a question of the aesthetic look of your teeth – you quite like your gap and don’t want to do anything about it or it makes you feel a little self-conscious when you smile.

For those who don’t want to live with their diastema, there are number of solutions from the Alkali Dental Studio in Putney for closing the gap between your front teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Depending on what you need, dental veneers can make your teeth look longer or wider, concealing any gap. Veneers are very thin shells that can be bonded onto your real teeth to mask a variety of flaws such as chips, crack and discolouration, as well as closing gaps, and they are seen by dentists as an effective and long-lasting solution.

Dental Bonding

A problem of a diastema can also be solved using a composite resin that is bonded over the visible side of your tooth. The bonding liquid is applied over your teeth and then hardened using a special curing light. It’s a quick and easy process when applied by a professional dentist and is a popular solution. As with porcelain veneers, dental bonding can be used to correct various other imperfections such as chips, cracks, misalignment as well as diastemas or gaps.

before-dental-bonding                 after-dental-bonding

                          Before                                                                                                  After

Orthodontic Treatment

This provides permanent results for dealing with diastemas and covers a wide range of solutions including traditional braces as well as invisible orthodontic solutions which are perhaps more suited to adults who want something more discreet.

Before After Orthodontics

There are many excellent alternative modern procedures that offer fast and reliable ways to close the gap in your teeth.

When you visit an experienced dentist like the Alkali Dental Studio in London, you’ll be able to discuss all these procedures and then decide which is best for you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and help close that gap with porcelain veneers, dental bonding or an alternative orthodontic treatment like braces.


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